The Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), established in April 1970 is a National level Professional & Non-profit society registered under the societies Registration Act, 1860. It has a large membership of institutions and persons involved in the training and development of human resources from government, public and private sector organizations and enterprises, educational and training institutions and other bodies. With about 50 Chapters established throughout the country, ISTD has the national headquarters at New Delhi. The Society is affiliated to the International Federation of Training and Development Organization (IFTDO) and Asian Regional Training and Development Organization. (ARTDO), Manila.

ISTD Kochi Chapter which, is established in 2007 has 3 student chapters under it and is making its imprint in central Kerala to spearhead the objectives of the Society in the area of Learning through Speaker meetings, Trainings, Workshops, Institutional interactions and other mentoring activities. It is headed by peoples who dwell in the area of Learning and Knowledge Management. Large number of Organizations, Training Institutions and Central And State Government departments participate in the Chapter programs and take advantage of what it has to offer. The Chapter also coordinates the ISTD Diploma Program in Training Management for those stake holders located in this part of the country.

Managing Committee

Nirmala Lilly

Chairperson, National Council Member, ISTD

Chief Executive officer

Infinity Hospitality Services

Dr. Zakkariya K A

Vice Chairperson, ISTD

Director &professor


P Ravindranath

Hon. Treasurer, ISTD

Principal Consultant& Unit Head, RK SWAMY BBDO (P) LTD

Maj. Aneesh Gurudas

Hon. Secretary, ISTD

IABS Partner

Jose P Philip

Immediate Past President, ISTD

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Tecpro Infra Projects Ltd

S R Nair

National Council Member, ISTD



Dinesh P Thampi

VP & Delivery Centre Head-Kerala


A Balakrishnan

Executive Director

Geojit Financial Services Ltd

P.S Antony Joseph

Managing Director

AQA Quality Management Systems Pvt.Ltd

M Sreekumar

Divisional Head

Apollo tyres Ltd

CMA K Aravindakshan

Chief Financial Officer

Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation

Dr. Vinod B Nair

ENT Surgeon

Manoj Menon

Asst: professor

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Hemant H Bahura

General Manager (HR & Admin)

Petronet LNG Ltd


Categories Of Membership

Individual Member

Who shall be a person enrolled by the National Council and shall be an individual who is engaged / interested in the field of Training and Development; who is atleast 25 years of age and is a graduate of a recognised university or its equivalent. Provided further that the National Council can at its discretion reduce the eligibility age of membership of the Society by 1 year (i.e. accept persons for membership at 24 years of age) for those engaged as trainers and developers.

Institutional Member

Which shall be a body enrolled by the National Council and shall be any Government agency, or any other body of corporation, statutory or other-wise, or any organization or any Association, whether incorporated or not, which subscribes to and is interested in the furtherance of the objectives of the Society. Each Institutional Member shall be entitled to nominate for membership benefits 2 nominees against the basic membership subscription.

Associate Member

Who shall be a person enrolled by the National Council and who in some manner falls short for the eligibility criteria of membership and is preparing himself for a career in the field of training and development. 18 years is the minimum age for Associate Member.

Honorary Member

Who shall be a person nominated by National Council at the time of Annual General Meeting & shall be reporting to the AGM and who has distinguished himself in the field of training and development after working in the field for a period of at least 15 years and whose association with ISTD is considered invaluable.

Membership Benefits

The members derive the immense benefit of networking with the Co-professionals in the field in India and also abroad. Besides they also have opportunities for :

    the Co-professionals in the field in India and also abroad. Besides they also have opportunities for :

  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest development in the continually change in training & development field.
  • Keeping abreast of experiments and experiences of other professionals in the country.
  • Participating in an All-India forum for exchange of ideas, views and information.
  • Securing valuable support of experienced professionals in specific tasks of training & development.
  • Having access to opportunities to contribute to professional activities.
  • Participating in national Conventions and Seminars/ Training Programmes at concessional fee.
  • Receiving ISTD News, the quarterly Newsletter, on the Society's activities.
  • Receiving other ISTD publications at a special discount.
  • Participation in Conferences of IFTDO, ARTDO and ASTD at concessional rates.
  • Participate in the activities of the society and any of it's chapters or to use it's library, research and training materials, films, aids and equipment with or without charges, as may be determined by national council of the society.
  • Individual/Institutional/Life Members are entitled to vote/contest in the annual election of ISTD. Entitlement subject to validity.
  • Associate members and Honorary members will not be entitled to vote/contest.
  • For the convenience of the members individual and also institutional, the annual subscription can be commuted to a life subscription. This life membership entitles the individual members for:

  • A Photo Identity Card as a Life Member.
  • Certificate of life membership issued to life member.

Member Registration

Membership Fees

Individual Member

Annual (April-March) 300/- 1,000/- 234/- 1,534/-
Half Year (Oct-March) 300/- 500/- 144/- 944/-
Life Membership 300/- 7,500/- 1,404/- 9,204/-
Spouse Life Membership - 5,000/- 9,00/- 5,900/-

Associate Member

Annual (April-March) 300/- 400/- 126/- 826/-

Senior Citizen (60 yrs and above)

Annual (April-March) 300/- 500/- 144/- 944/-
Life Membership 300/- 3,750/- 729/- 4,779/-


Annual (April-March) 3,000/- 10,000/- 2,340/- 15,340/-
Half-Year (Oct-March) 3,000/- 5,000/- 1,440/- 9,440/-
Permanent 3,000/- 75,000/- 14,040/- 92,040/-

    Membership Fee Renewal - Individual

Annual (April-March) 1,000/- 180/- 1,180/-
Half Year (Oct-March) 500/- 90/- 590/-
Conversion fee for Annual Membership to Life Membership 7,500/- 1,350/- 8,850/-

Senior Citizen (60 yrs and above)

Annual(April-March) 500/- 90/- 590/-
Conversion fee for Annual Membership to Life Membership 3,750/- 675/- 4,425/-


Annual (April-March) 10,000/- 1,800/- 11,800/-
Half Year (Oct-March) 5,000/- 900/- 5,900/-
Conversion fee for Annual Institutional Membership to Permanent Membership 75,000/- 13,500/- 88,500/-




With several of the interventions launched by the current government, our country for the first time ever, is sitting on the verge of moving from an emerging economy to a developed economy. Every major corporate action in India is about change, be it business process transformation or mergers and acquisitions, rebranding, high growth or geographical expansion, and the role which training and development professionals play in this mega transformation holds key to the success of this mission. The business of learning is becoming very specialized in a country where the competence gap is very high between what businesses expect and what’s available, not just at the entry level but at all levels.

Among the most important roles and responsibilities of a learning & development professional is his ability to understand current capabilities not just in terms of employee skills, but also in terms of knowledge, behavior, leadership and building employability for the future.

The role in India is assuming greater significance because the potential that India has for skill development is what is bringing the learning industry to the fore. This is the obvious outcome of India being looked upon by the rest of the world as a place where knowledge grows. The programs such as “make in India” and “skill India” offer tremendous avenues for the training and development professionals to contribute immensely to the cause of the nation by providing immense employment opportunities to a large section of the young population.

With the extended focus on on-the-job learning, there is an ever increasing demand on the training and development professionals to provide managers and employees with the necessary tools to embed recommendations for on-the-job learning into existing processes and activities and thereby play the role of an architect to devise on-the-job learning methodologies to enhance the learning capabilities of employees - effectively teaching them how to learn.

While welcoming all those who are keen to pursue the Diploma in Training and Development program offered by ISTD, I am sure that a Distance Education program devised to attract professionals to help develop themselves into well rounded training professionals will go a long way in achieving this objective.

I wish all of you a great learning experience.

Naresh Kumar Pinisetti

Chairman, ISTD Diploma Board


To meet the long felt need for a basic qualification in Training & Development , a focused correspondence course, Diploma in Training & Development, was introduced in April, 1979. This is the only Professional course for Training of Trainers in the country and is designed to meet today's training / HRD challenges. To know more about programmes.

Diploma Programme in Training & Development (Dip. TD) in order to meet the long Felt need for skill formation in learning / training skills. Since then over 24,000 persons working in industries, business, banks, government departments, administration, defence forces, public utilities, power plants, agricultural development programmes, health education and other social services; consultancy and voluntary service organizations indeed private individuals have enrolled for this programme.

ISTD Diploma in Training and Development is a distance learning programmes of 18 months duration. The medium of course is English only. A Students of this programme is entitled to suffix 'Dip TD' on successful completion of all the Eight Theory Papers & the Internship. Today many of the Dip TD holders are occupying senior positions in various work organizations.


Annual Convocation' Ceremony for the award of the Diploma was held on 18 June, 2017 at "Auditorium", Scope Convention Center, Scope Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Dr M B Athreya, Padma Bhushan was Chief Guest for the function addressed the Convocation and distributed Awards to meritorious students. The address was highly impressive and appreciated by all present. A total of 278 students were conferred Diploma in Training & Development during the Convocation.


Diploma in Training & Development


The Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) is a premier institution in the field of Human Resource Development with the distinguished record of service spanning more than 45 years. To meet the long felt need for a basic qualification in Training & Development, a focused correspondence Course, Diploma in Training & Development, was introduced in April, 1979. This is the only professional course recognised by Govt. of India for Training of Trainers in the country and is designed to meet today's Training / HRD challenges. This Diploma Programme is managed by a committee consisting of eminent HRD professionals, and academicians. At present a large number of ISTD Diploma holders are occupying senior positions in the field of Training & Development / Human Resource Development in various Public and Private organisations.

For Whom

The Programme is well suited for HRD / Training professionals. It also helps prepare line managers / professionals from other functions to orient themselves as facilitators of learning processes or also to move into Training field as Faculty Members. The Programme is intended for those who are engaged or wish to engage themselves in the human resource development in Industry, Business, Banks, Government, Administration, Defence Forces and Public Utilities like Power Plants, Agricultural Development, Health Education and other Social Sector Programmes, Consultancy and Voluntary Organisations


18 Months Correspondence course inclusive of the Internship Project* of six months. Being a Distance Learning Programme, the course does not infringe upon the regular working schedule of those in employment. Registration of a student is valid for 4 years.

ISTD Diploma Registration and Course Fees

The application for enrolment must be in the prescribed registration form supplied along with its prospectus. The registration form, duly filled in, must be accompanied by:
1. Prospectus Fees Rs.500/- 2. A non-refundable/ transferable Registration Fee of Rs.1000/- by cash or Demand Draft payable to "ISTD, Diploma Programme", New Delhi. 3. Full Course Fees of Rs.45,000/- in one lump sum or can be paid in two equal installments of Rs.22,700/- each by cash or Demand Draft. Payable to "ISTD Diploma Programme", New Delhi
4. Course Fee for Armed Forces officials of Rs.25,000/- (can be paid in two installments of Rs.12,800/- each) by cash or DD in favour of "ISTD Diploma Programme", New Delhi, payable at New Delhi. 5. Rs.40,500/- towards Course fee for ISTD Permanent Institutional Members and SC/ST Candidates. 6. Attested copies of Degree/Diploma, work experience in fulfillment of eligibility criteria (attestation by gazetted officers, above, are acceptable). 7. Two passport size photographs.
The full course fees is towards the supply of course material, ISTD Journal for one year and Internship Project Fee.
The registration is valid for a period of four years (subject to remittance of full course fee) which is the maximum period allowed for completing the Diploma Programme including the Internship subject to the provision of extension in validity period as specified.

Note 1: Complete instructions for filling the registration form are given in the form itself These instructions should be read carefully and complied with by the candidate. Incomplete application or application not accompanied with the registration fees and course fees or the required documents duly attested is liable to be rejected forthwith.
Note 2: In case application has to be rejected because the candidate does not posses the prescribed qualifications/ experience etc., the amount deposited towards the course fees only shall be refunded through a Demand Draft.
Note 3: No refund of course fees in case application is accepted for admission and course material is dispatched.
Note 4: The second installment, in case the course fee is being paid in two installments, must be paid within three months of admission. All remittances be made through either by cash or Demand Draft in favor of "ISTD Diploma Programme", New Delhi.
Note 5: Payment deadlines are specified in Schedule of Activities. A grace period of 6 (six ) days from the stipulated date for payment of second installment of course fee is normally allowed. In case of delay beyond six days, the course fee would be accepted on payment of late fee @ Rs. 10/- per day.

The course Structure has three components:-
1. Theory Papers, a curriculum of eight theory papers divided into parts A & B consisting of four papers each. 2. Response Sheets to be submitted for each paper before Due date, appearing in the written examination for that paper. 3. Internship Project, to be taken up after cleaning Part A theory papers. The report will be accepted on clearing at all the written papers and completion of 18 months prescribed period.

Government Recognition

ISTD Diploma in Training and Development is recognised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, for the purposes of recruitment to superior posts under the Central Government. This is also approved by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Ministry of Personnel, Govt. of India under its Faculty Development Scheme and by the Corporate sectors such as ACC, Appollo Group of Hospitals, BHEL, FCI, HAL, HOCL, IIHMAR, IOC, L&T, NBCC, SAIL, SCL, State Bank Of India staff College ,TCIL, Msource India Pvt Ltd., Hero Mindmine etc.


Graduate of a recorgnized or its equivalent with a minimum of two years work experience as training faculty or experience in a supervisory / managerial position in training / human resource development function in an organisation.


Post-Graduate degree in any discipline or equivalent Diploma in Business Management, Personnel Management or any other recognised discipline.


Technical or Professional degrees like BE, ME, MBBS, CAIIB, ACA, AICWA, M Ed etc. (inclusive of degree level education.)


Armed Forces Officers who have successfully undergone course at NDA /IMA / Air Force Academy / Indian Naval Academy and have a minimum of two years working experience in defence services.


Comprises eight papers viz.
Paper I : Organisational Behavior
Paper II : Human Resource Development
Paper III : Manpower Planning & Training
Paper IV : Training Methodology-I
Paper V : Training Methodology-II
Paper VI : Evaluation of Training
Paper VII : Electronic Enabled Training Systems
Paper VIII : Electronic Enabled Training Office & Administration

Response Sheets in each paper have to be completed before the examinations. Medium of course is in English only.

Internship Project Report to be taken up after clearing all the eight theory papers. To prepare Internship Project / Report necessary guidelines are provided by the Diploma Office


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